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Business Meals Vehicle Rental
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Link to: Policy: Traveling on University Business

International Travel Registry

All travelers going to an international destination for University business are required to pre-register their trip information.

Click here to register your trip.

Visit Global Programs & Strategy Alliance (GPS Alliance) for more information.

Global Operations

Travel Services (Purchasing Services) participates on the Global Operations Advisory Team. Through Global Operations, Travel Services works with units across the University to assure comprehensive and timely response to international operations questions in the areas of tax, banking and cash management, purchasing, legal, human resources, and compliance. Visit the Global Operations website at for more information.

Business Meals

See International Meal Rates

Vehicle Rental

When renting a commercial vehicle, confirm whether an international driver's license is needed. The traveler should accept the optional insurance coverage, such as Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Personal Accident Insurance (PAI). Vehicle insurance expenses are reimbursed to international travelers.

Currency Exchange

Foreign expenses must be submitted in U.S. Dollars using the exchange rate in effect during the dates of travel. Include documentation indicating what exchange rate was used to make the conversions. Currency exchange rates can be found at OANDA. If purchases were made via credit card, use the exchange rate provided by the credit card company.

Worldwide Travel Accident Insurance Coverage

University employees working or traveling 150 or more miles away from home or outside of their home country can now obtain emergency medical, travel, and personal security assistance 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world through MEDEX, a leading provider of international travel assistance services. The MEDEX services are part of the University of Minnesota's UPlan.

Employees enrolled in one of the UPlan medical programs automatically receive a MEDEX identification card. The card contains emergency toll-free or collect-call numbers to call from around the world.

Information on the complete MEDEX program is available from Human Resources, or you can contact the Employee Benefits Service Center at 612-624-9090 or 800-756-2363, option 2.

Comprehensive Travel Medical and Security Insurance (CISI)
All University of Minnesota faculty and staff are required to purchase CISI insurance when traveling abroad, if they are not covered by FrontierMEDEX through a UPlan or if they are traveling with students. Additionally, some departments (including GPS Alliance) do require their staff to have CISI for all international travel. All faculty and staff have the option of obtaining this additional coverage, and the cost is a reimbursable travel expense.

For more information and to purchase the coverage visit or call Global Programs and Strategy Alliance (GPS Alliance) at 612-624-5580.

Foreign Travel Advisories

State Department Travel Warnings and Consular Information

Foreign Currency Tips

Foreign currency exchange rates change daily and vary between currency exchange locations. Below are some tips to get more for your money.

Compare rates, percent service fees and minimums Don't wait until your arrival in a foreign country to exchange your currency
Exchange your case at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport before you leave Don't bring foreign coins back to exchange in the U.S.  Coins are no longer accepted at foreign currency locations/banks.
Use your credit card when you are abroad for your hotel bill and major purchases Don't spend U.S. Dollars abroad for purchases
Purchase additional foreign currency from an ATM  
Consider buying traveler's checks  
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